To ensure Harris County remains open for business

Civil Courts

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Republican Judges will follow the Constitution and apply the law as written. They will never legislate from the the bench, making our courts fair and dependable to all.

To Keep Harris County a safe place to live and raise a family

Criminal Courts

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Republican Judges will be firm and fair, and follow the law to protect our community from criminals while preserving vital constitutional rights.

To protect those that can't protect themselves

Family Courts

Republican Judges will protect our families and children while providing fair and compassionate resolution to disputes.

To give our children the opportunity to turn their life around

Juvenile courts

Republican Judges will work to turn a child's life around while safeguarding our streets.

To administer guidance in a time of need

Probate Courts

Republican judges will fairly administer the needs of families dealing with the loss of loved ones or those facing challenges of aging or mental illness.


Republican Judges and Judicial Candidates You Can Trust

Our Republican judges and judicial candidates are principled individuals who never legislate from the bench. Liberal Democrats and the special interest groups who fund their campaigns are spending thousands of dollars to get rid of good judges in Harris County.


Effective, Efficient Justice

Harris County's conservative majority of judges are leading the way to ensure every citizen has equal and timely access to their courts. In a recent Annual Statistical Report for the Texas Judiciary, Harris County courts outperformed the statewide average of 3 of 4 performance measures for the number of cases cleared.

Harris County also outperformed the state's minimum Backlog Index in each of the court types measured: civil, family, criminal and juvenile courts.

Paid for by the Harris County Republican Party. Cynthia Siegel, Treasurer.